Make it real.

The Freedom of Form Foundation is working to fund and popularize scientific research that will enable freedom of one’s physical form – biotech for self-expression.

Together, we can make the phrase “be what you want to be” a reality.


Getting organized. Plus, Feb 23 at ANE!- Hi everyone, It’s time for an update! In this post: Growing and improving our organization’s internal operations. Developing efforts to broaden our impact without increasing capital requirements. We will be giving a panel at Anthro New England on February 23,… ...
The Starting Line- Hi everyone! We started this nonprofit to make it possible for people to become what they want to be. That is, to help them appear to others the same way they imagine themselves. For the past several decades, medical professionals… ...


Want to help?

We’re fundraising so we can award our first research fellowship! This is our “minimally viable product”, and even a single research project can have a huge impact on the scientific community. We need at least $48,000 to offer our first fellowship.** That sounds like a lot, but it should be quite easy to reach if we all pitch in. If you’ve got a few minutes, please help us out by donating or purchasing some merchandise – either way is a great way to contribute!

**More specifically, we will spend $48,000 per year for a postdoc fellowship, or a bit less for a PhD-candidate fellowship (either lasting up to 4 years). Awards will be paid gradually throughout the year, since they are salaries/stipends. In order to project financial stability, we want to keep an endowment that represents roughly 1 year of expenditures. Our researchers have to trust that their livelihoods are safe.


Yes, we’re a 501(c)(3)!

Skeptical? We have all the paperwork here, or you can head to the IRS’s exempt organization search at and search by Employer Identification Number for 824415111.