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We are making freedom of form possible through scientific research and public outreach.


The Freedom of Form Foundation is undertaking and supporting scientific research that will enable the freedom to customize your body the way you want – biotech for self-expression. Together, we can make the phrase “be what you want to be” a reality.

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Join a friendly and open-minded community. We’re empowering people to excel and make their own positive impact on the world, regardless of background.

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What is freedom of form?

Freedom of form means the freedom to physically become whatever you want. No matter what drives you, be it transhumanism, species dysphoria, recovery from injury, futurism, or a desire to transform, the technology to safely restore or alter your body should be available for everyone.

This freedom ranges from sufficiently restoring function to patients after injury, to gender and/or species identity affirmation treatments, to individuals who get tattoos or body art, simply getting hair cuts or putting on makeup, or even body hackers pushing beyond normal biological function.

At the Freedom of Form Foundation, we have a long-term focus on ambitious, full-body changes to fit one’s personality and sense of identity. We’re especially excited about species affirmation research – despite community passion surrounding the subject, it is vastly underrepresented in the biomedical sector. We stand wholeheartedly with the rights of individuals to choose how they interact with the world, including how they appear, and we are doing everything in our power to accommodate and accelerate freedom of form.

Our vision and strategy

We’re spearheading research, both internally and with collaborators.

We are hosting key strategic research projects to make our dream a reality. Our research activities are addressing the most important challenges for achieving full-body transformations. Importantly, we focus on building systems and translatable knowledge, rather than blue-sky research.

Active research projects include (1) a Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool to safely design complete body alterations, (2) analysis of genetic targets to generate fur, feathers, or scales, and (3) sensor and motor integration for a prospective neuroprosthetic tail. More projects will follow! Additionally, we are writing strategic whitepapers and supporting external research through financial awards. We are building systems that will be critical to our goals in the long-term, while having minimally viable products or outcomes much sooner! Read more about our projects and results.

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Anatomy engineering CAD

Safely re-engineer patient anatomy before surgery or treatment.

Integument review

Cellular mechanisms in fur, feathers, scales, and skin.

Enhanced tail

Engineering a cybernetic tail that feels natural to wear.

What tissues will need to be changed to become your fursona in real life? This document shows the necessary changes to human morphology.

Anatomical analysis

Breaking down goals into anatomical targets.

Research areas

Reviewing gene therapy, stem cells, bioprinting, neuroprosthetics, and surgery.

We’re not the only ones who want freedom of form.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as we have been learning from our outreach activities. We’re meeting and talking with people and organizations, learning from them, and introducing them to our organization as well. We’ve held panels at Anthro New England and Indy Fur Con. We’ve also had insightful conversations with Anders Sandberg, Hugh Herr, Master Tailer of the Tail Company, Max More, Liz Parrish, and others, and those interviews are available online.

See how we’re reaching out and starting conversations

Meet Liz Parrish, a leader in life extension

Join Athamanatha Kitsune and Cam Cam for an interview with Liz Parrish, the CEO and founder of BioViva Science. She is a life extension expert and advocate, and an early pioneer of gene therapy self-experimentation.

Listen to Hugh Herr, professor at MIT

Learn from Hugh Herr, who runs a lab at the MIT Media Lab, about pushing the envelopes of biomechatronics, the ethics of prosthetics, freedom of form, and terrific tails.

Talk with Anders Sandberg, professor at Oxford

Join our discussion with Anders Sandberg at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute. He is a leader in researching the impact of developing technologies, mitigating existential threats, artificial intelligence, and morphological freedom.

We’re fostering a community of learners and empowering them to create impact.

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We’re passionate about community building. We want to help people cross paths, in a genuine and supportive environment. We’re empowering everyone to excel and make their own positive impact on the world. And to be clear, none of us are Nobel Prize winners: we celebrate the ability of everyone to make an impact one small step at a time.

We enjoy hosting educational seminars and events. Every few weeks, we have group chats about recent developments in science. Additionally, we’ve held seminars that have covered topics like otherkin and the nature of identity, and concepts in introductory biology. We’re also hosting a podcast, where we talk through timely issues and explore them in a small discussion format.

Please feel free to browse previous seminars and podcasts

We invite you to check out our community, primarily in Discord. Please review our rules and use our submission form to get started.

Meet the team

Our growing team is dedicated to making freedom of form possible. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect – we’re always striving to learn more. But, we’re experienced, versatile, and focused on continuing to achieve real, functional results. We’re well positioned to positively impact both technical and social aspects that will be critical for making freedom of form possible and accepted in the world.

Meet our team

Our values

We’re proud of our company values and committed to upholding them. At the Freedom of Form Foundation, we believe in celebrating diversity, respecting opinions and dissent, culturing a cordial and positive environment, emphasizing competence and constructiveness, respecting privacy and boundaries, and both trusting others and being trustworthy. These are values we will never compromise on.

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You can help us Make It Real.

We owe so much of our success so far to our volunteers and donors. We’ve come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go! If you would like to help, we’d really appreciate it. Thank you so much for the consideration.

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