Video: Freedom of Form at Anthro New England 2019

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Video taken at our panel at Anthro New England 2019 in Boston. It was generously recorded by Aleks, an attendee, in an unplanned manner. Apologies for derp quality!

Please enable Closed Captions for when the sound fades out!

Synopsis of the panel:
“We started the Freedom of Form Foundation (FFF) for one purpose: to make it possible for people to outwardly express their inner identity through easy, safe, customized body modifications. This covers everything from gender expression, to tails and changed proportions, to expression of totally different species! Rather than asking “why?”, we would ask “why not?” – advancing freedoms of self-expression can only be a good thing. Our plan: fund and popularize scientific research to make our dreams possible. After a presentation about our strategies and research areas of interest, we will open the floor for questions and discussion. We hope after hearing our story, you can help inspire others about what’s possible with the right effort – and to help Make It Real.”

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Music: “Ki” by T-LARC. Used with permission. Check out their work here!:

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