Podcast: Species Identity 2 – The Spectrum of Reasons

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In our second episode, we return for Part 2 of Species Identity, because the first episode had such an impact we needed another. In this one, we start with secular versus spiritual interpretations of species identity, ensuring each is understood to be valid before heading off into the big questions of life, the universe and everything. Joining Danfox Davies (FFF co-founder) on this 2 hours and 10 minutes of verbal adventure, are Beethoven (FFF volunteer) and Alynna Trypnotk (leader of the long established Otherkin group, Kitsunet).

All views presented are from personal perspectives and are not to be taken as representative of everyone at the FFF. Everyone’s unique, that’s why we’re here. This podcast is not the end of the discussion – that will probably continue for countless millennia. It’s just meant to make you think and ask questions.