Podcast: Technologies For Freedom Of Form

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In our third podcast, we discuss potential technologies for making freedom of form happen, and how they will impact society at large. Danfox Davies introduces us to SvarOS (Matthew Carbrera) to discuss prosthetics, neurological implants, AI and Bioprinting, before introducing Aleks Vridos (Jordan Eckhoff) to go into his favourite subject with much gusto, Genetic Editing.

The official policy of the Freedom of Form Foundation and the hopes and views expressed in this podcast may sometimes diverge, please remember this is a discussion of what each individual believes about these approaches based on their own research and experiences, and that the FFF develops its policies based on selectively representing a combination of some of these and other opinions balanced with what’s legally and ethically sensible and allowable to do. Therefore, take what we each say with a pinch of salt. It’s not a definitive guide to how the FFF will operate in future.