Podcast: Pandemic Ponderings for the Species Dysphoric

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We’re back with a special 7th episode of the Freedom of Form Foundation Podcast, we might call it the first in Season 2 because it kind of feels like that after our 3 month gap. So many things have changed since the last time! The world’s under a pandemic lockdown (listen for our thoughts on how that fits with species dysphoria), we have a new logo, we’ve started doing polls and talking about scientific study data on our actual podcasts, and Danfox could have sworn he didn’t need this many tails last time… but now it seems he should have seven of them, and he’s got himself a new old name too…

Host: Athamanatha Kitsune
Guests: Cammy, Ondrik Birb

FurScience (data from Furry Fiesta 2013:
@FreedomofForm Twitter poll:

Big thanks:
Professor Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University, UK
The Anthroholics Podcast @user-534967572
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