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It’s that time of year when the Earth passes through a cloud of spookiness. In our ninth episode, the host who can boast the most ghosts (and tell several tall tails), Athamanatha Kitsune, is joined by the phantoms of the cryptid cross fox Cammy, the omen-bearing crow Ondrik and the ghostly ferret of evolutionary and developmental biological knowhow, SiberDrac. Together, we hurl ourselves into the abyss of philosophical questions about mind uploading and its legal and ethical ramifications for the (synthetic or biological) body, the mind and those who have to interact with them. Choosing to replace your body with a synthetic or artificial one may not be as simple as you think…

One of the guests says ‘none of us are neuroscientists’ – this means none of those present in this specific podcast are. Our CEO and Founder, Zennith, actually is a neuroscientist, but he was not available for this podcast episode.

Some of what we discuss in this podcast is based on hearsay, and some of it is based on assumptions and conjectures. It’s intended to set up the ideas from which one can form the questions that science then needs to try to answer.

Links relevant to the discussion (all are for reference and do not count as endorsements):

Ben Ramanauskas’ paper on the law (in the UK) with regard to body modifications:…11/ecaf.12394

Athamanatha Kitsune (Daniel Davies)’s paper in the Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness (Terasem Movement Foundation Inc.)…viesDeath.pdf

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Limbic System:

Hero Arm:

Morphological Freedom:

Ship of Theseus:

Mind uploading:

The Right to be Forgotten:

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