FFF Podcast Episode 10: Interview with Professor Hugh Herr

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Interview with the Prosthetics Pioneer, Professor Hugh Herr
In our tenth episode, Athamanatha Kitsune teams up with Cam Cam (not to be confused with Cammy). With just an hour of his precious time, they interview the rock-climber-come-prosthetics-pioneering-professor, the one and only Hugh Herr from the MIT Media Lab. The professor provides his thoughts on pushing the envelopes of biomechatronics, the ethics of prosthetics, freedom of form and terrific tails… Host: Athamanatha Kitsune Guests: Cam Cam and Professor Hugh Herr Zoom Host: Professor Hugh Herr (hence the call ended before the podcast did) Things we learned: don’t record a podcast from Zoom, the audio isn’t that good. We had to fall back on the old dictaphone, so sorry for the echoing sound but it was better than what Zoom’s own recording gave us.
Links relevant to the discussion (all are for reference and do not count as endorsements):
France to start research into ‘Enhanced Soldiers’: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-euro…
Jumping Stilts (or ‘bocks’) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping…
Regarding Atha’s Tail: https://youtu.be/I24KO39qr5M?t=637
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TIMESTAMPS for our questions:
02:20 What are your personal goals for developing your prostheses? What brought you to decide on them?
05:40 What do you see your goals of self-expression requiring in the coming years?
07:22 What is your outlook on Neuroprosthetics?
12:20 Technical difficulties
12:59 What about additional limbs in new places?
16:39 Do you see there being new ways of producing sensory input or motor output that go beyond using nerves for limbs and such?
18:20 What are your hopes and thoughts on morphological freedom?
21:10 Can you give some examples of fun or useful ways of applying prosthetics?
23:45 What makes your exoskeleton design more special and capable than jumping stilts?
27:36 Is it possible to augment other sensory inputs than just touch and feel?
34:25 What if a machine learning algorithm (or AI) for optical recognition misinterprets what it is being taught?
35:45 What has having amputee Olympians around taught you about the public perceptions of enhanced individuals?
39:40 Have you seen the news about the French military talking about enhancing soldiers?
48:19 Would we expect people to be okay with the good potential coming with downsides in augmentations?
52:09 What do you think of prosthetic tails and other such non-standard additions in a charitable context?
53:17 If you could be any animal…
54:11 Call ended
54:28 Wrapping up (Atha and Cam Cam)

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