FFF Podcast 11: SCIENCE

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This episode of the Freedom of Form Foundation Podcast is brought to you by clichés of mad scientists, the letters D, O, O and K and the number 6Σ.For your lengthy peer review consideration, we have the opinions of Biochemistry Bachelors degree educated Athamanatha Kitsune, student Ondrik Birb and Evolutionary and Developmental Biology PhD SiberDrac Terrian all discussing what science actually IS, whether it’s being directed towards useful endeavours and many meandering tangents from that. There is evidence that this episode was more of a fun chin-wag, if you want something more serious, take a look at our previous episode in which we interviewed Professor Hugh Herr.
Links for your enjoyment:
XKCD on Automation: https://xkcd.com/1319/
Guest appearances from images we found on the internet should be considered ‘fair use’ and are not intended to infringe anyone’s rights. They are purely to illustrate who it is we are talking about.
Test card image by Splash Alien.
Recorded 6th March 2021
Uploaded for Patreon early access 17th March 2021
Released 18th March 2021

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