FFF Art Competition

In December of 2022, we hosted an art competition with the prompt “Form Euphoria” so that we could show guests like you the kind of wonderful community we’re developing on our discord. We also hope that through their art you can better understand why our foundation is necessary for us. Here we are:

krokorokorok – “A Future I Yearn For”

krokorokorok’s “A Future I Yearn For” won first place!

“This piece is a glimpse into my idealized future. A shape that is all me, from beak to flukes. When I saw the prompt of form euphoria, my mind immediately went to the feeling of jumping for the pure joy of it, unhindered by the crash of the waves. This is the reflection I see when I look within myself.”

Quirin – “Chata Pounces in the Snow” and Hiuki – “Just Remember”

Second and Third place were a tie between Quirin’s “Chata Pounces in the Snow” and Hiuki’s “Just Remember”.

Quirin said:
“A triptych about me enjoying my panther form, Chata, in real life. You can see it laying on a tree branch after snowfall, playfully stretching on a stub and (seemingly) jumping over a little creek.

Two friends took these photos of me in a local park. I created the panther tail, modeled for the photos, and edited them.”

Hiuki just said:

Dragonfeathers – “Sleeping Curled”

In fifth place is Dragonfeathers’s “Sleeping Curled”.

hyper the bunny – “Evelyn”

In fourth place is hyper the bunny’s poem, “Evelyn”:

Dark mornings lit by just a screen,
a birthday over quarantine,
once a young girl, all alone,
kept sane, if only by my phone.

A long summer of losing hope,
I didn’t have a way to cope,
until a certain autumn evening,
when envy overtook my grieving.

I was so jealous of her smile,
her eccentric mad hatter fashion style,
and in the cold I felt a switch,
my bunny ears began to twitch.

I related so much to just a drawing,
that joy was what began the thawing,
and two years later it has stayed,
even though I’m not digitigrade.

This is my cotton-tailed confession,
an unusual cope for depression,
a body of fur to inhabit,
I really do love being a rabbit.

ThatWeasel – “Tailored Freedom”

In sixth place is ThatWeasel’s haiku, “Tailored Freedom”:

Freedom in all forms,
If a tail you wish to have,
We will create one.

hurtbear – “Untitled”:

And lastly, In seventh place is hurtbear’s slime sounds, “Untitled”:

“blub bloop”