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About us

The Freedom of Form Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded in 2018. After numerous discussions with friends and family, and discovering that countless more people share similar ambitions, we came together with a shared dream of what’s possible.

We created the Freedom of Form Foundation with one purpose: to make it possible for everyone to outwardly express their chosen identity through easy, safe, and personalized body modifications. This extends from gender expression, to tails and changed proportions, to expression of fully different species, and everything in between. We believe in asking, “why not?”

Our leadership comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, but each agree on the importance of research and inspiring others to come together for a common goal. While we don’t have all the answers, we do know all the challenges before us are tractable, and can be overcome with collaborative effort.

Many of us have substantial scientific or engineering training, including education up to bachelor’s, master’s, and PhDs. Equally important, we all have experience in administration, working with governments, coordination or event planning, and engaging with the public.

Our task is one far too great for any individual to overcome. We are continuing to build an organization that will foster the positive development and deployment of our literally transformative efforts.

Freedom of form encapsulates how you want to interact with the world as a person. We are especially passionate about working towards ambitious, full-body changes that embrace appearances of other species, because despite community interest surrounding the subject, it is vastly underrepresented in the biomedical sector. Our strategy consists of research, outreach, education, and community building.

We’ve heard concerns about potentially harmful uses or consequences of the technologies that will develop as a result of our movement. We’ve thought deeply about these concerns ourselves, too. We believe that morphological freedom has great potential to improve people’s lives. We’re confident that, and will help ensure that, our technologies benefit society.

Board and leadership

Tiltwolf, PhD Cand.

Education and Outreach Coordinator & Team Lead, Integument Review Project

Athamanatha / Dan Davies

Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Zennith / Michael Norsworthy, PhD

President & Chief Volunteer Officer

Serathin / Matthew F.


Keiro / Ramon Reyes

Director & Chief Information Officer

Syralth / Keiran Stevenson, PhD

Scientific Director

Svaros / Matthew C.


Moonbeam / William M.

Secretary and Community Director & Contributor, Gender Resources Project

Officers and employees

Keiro – Chief Information Officer (paid officer position)
Athamanatha – Chief Compliance Officer (paid officer position)
Moonbeam – Community Director (officer)
The paid positions above are currently on a part-time basis. We are fully committed to keeping the costs of overhead as low as possible.


We have several formalized volunteers currently who are helping us with public outreach, community interactions, and other responsibilities. This number may fluctuate based on whether volunteers are able to help on a short-term or long-term basis.

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