Administrative documents

Incorporation details and tax-exempt status:

The Freedom of Form Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity based in the United States, incorporated in Massachusetts (Massachusetts Identification Number 001312806). Our federal tax ID number is 82-4415111.

Our key documents are available for public view:

In addition, the Freedom of Form Foundation, Inc. is in the process of setting up a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, Freedom of Form Foundation Ltd (“FoFF UK”). FoFF UK is set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee with its sole director being the US-based Freedom of Form Foundation, Inc. FoFF UK’s company number is 13482168 at Companies House. In the short term, FoFF UK will improve our compliance with regulations affecting ongoing UK operations, and in the long term will increase our ability to expand operations and fundraising in the UK.

Board minutes:

Key policies: