Administrative documents


The Freedom of Form Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity based in the United States, incorporated in Massachusetts (Massachusetts Identification Number 001312806). Our federal tax ID number is 82-4415111.

Several of our documents are available for public view:


Most of our budget will go directly to funded researchers.

A portion of our budget is taken up by relatively constant administrative costs (registrations, licenses, online services, and legal and financial services). This is expected to be roughly $10,000 for 2019. However, this is being paid out-of-pocket by the founders and/or major sponsors.

We can safely estimate over 90% (probably nearly 100%) of donations you make will go to our researchers.

Board minutes:

Board minutes are uploaded here. 

Administration and staffing:
Much of the work for the Freedom of Form Foundation is done on a volunteer basis, and board/directorship duties are done exclusively on a volunteer basis.

Researchers are not employees of the FFF – they remain employed by their home research institutions. This is a standard arrangement for funding sources (including governmental entities like the NIH and NSF) that provide research grants.

We make every possible effort to ensure that protocols and regulations are obeyed by researchers, that research ethics are upheld, and that published results are true and accurate. We will furthermore investigate concerns that are brought to our attention. This meets and even exceeds expectations for most grant-giving foundations. However, we are still limited by the fact that we cannot possibly monitor the daily operations of our research fellows, so we are unable to accept liability for problems that may arise in the research process.