If you’re interested and have the ability, donating to our cause is a great way to help! Every dollar helps – we genuinely, seriously appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Strategically, if you’re willing to donate, it’s most helpful for us if you pledge through Patreon, even if at a lower amount (even just $1). This allows us to not worry as much about how much we can fundraise each month, and will let us perform our mission better.

And, if you pledge, you can get perks and join a community of likewise interested patrons!


There are a couple ways PayPal can work, and both work equally well for us.

First, we can accept both one-time and recurring donations through PayPal, directly.

Second, we can accept contributions through the PayPal Giving Fund, which technically acts like a donor-advised fund.

(Please remember any donations you make there are to the PayPal Giving Fund for tax purposes. They’re a 501(c)(3) too!)

Whether you want to give through your employer, or if you represent an employer or company directly, please see the opportunities here – and how they may benefit your company too.

Shopping is a great way to support us! Feel free to look around. Previously, we had been using CafePress, but are excited to be making the switch to RedBubble due to an easier shopping experience, good product diversity, and smooth design tools. We think you’ll like it! Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions about anything we can improve.

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