Corporate giving and opportunities

Corporate giving is about more than just benevolence – it has to make sense for your company. To this end, the Freedom of Form Foundation, Inc. is excited to work with companies (1) setting up an Employee Donation Matching program, (2) pursuing Commercial Co-Ventures, (3) striking alliances for technology development, or even (4) making direct pledges and gifts to stand out from the crowd. We believe all of these opportunities can give your company a great chance of making a difference while improving its bottom line.

Employee Donation Matching

Build a culture through purposeful involvement of your employees  

Workplace giving programs are a great way to encourage a culture of purpose and teamwork in your company. Such programs have been shown to reduce employee turnover (Benevity, 2018). More broadly, progressive and supportive work environments are important to keep your company at the top of its game – just ask any of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Whether your company already has a Benevity account or a different donation-matching program in place, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll help you get started on the platform of your choice.

And, if your company doesn’t currently have a donation matching program in place, then please feel free to ask us where to start, or contact Benevity directly – either way, you’ll be in great hands and guided through the process.

Commercial Co-Ventures

Excite your customers, and attract new ones

Commercial Co-Ventures (CCVs) include charitable donations made at the same time as a sale. CCVs are a great way to promote your brand in advertisements, and encourage customers to finalize purchases rather than idly browsing.

And, the Freedom of Form Foundation has an overwhelmingly positive and optimistic mission. If your marketing strategy is focused on growing sales through energy and enthusiasm, look no further – we’re your perfect match for amplifying customer excitement!

Please let us know if your business would like to discuss the possibility of a CCV in more detail. If we agree to move forward, there are contractual and reporting requirements that will need to be considered before finalizing a deal.

Alliances in technology development

Create a whole new addressable market

Are you in a biotech company, and looking to find a new group of potential customers for your technology? There’s a good chance that your technology can be applied towards morphological freedom.

With non-existent competition, you can easily establish first-mover advantage. We’re happy to work with you to advise where we think the best opportunities are, and we’re happy to create special arrangements in training programs, intellectual property, etc, for the mutual benefit of the Freedom of Form Foundation’s mission, and your own bottom line. Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you get started.

The only limit here is your imagination!

Direct pledges and gifts

Be an outstanding leader in expanding individual liberties

The largest companies in the US overwhelmingly favor progressive standpoints in social leadership.

Let’s just focus on four of them: Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft are some of the most valuable companies in the world, as many of our readers are aware. All of the above companies expressed corporate support for marriage equality as well as transgender rights (Gillespie, 2018; Ingraham, 2015).

Where did these companies start in their leadership? Microsoft was the first Fortune 500 company to grant benefits for same-sex partnerships in 1993 (Microsoft Corporate Blogs, 2015). And, these companies and their executives were leading the way in donations to causes they believed in (Stenovec, 2012; Holpuch, 2012; Heisler, 2013; Oiga, 2008).

Reputational risks never substantially materialized. In the following years, they have now grown to dominate their respective portions of the marketplace.

Leading the acceptance and encouragement of individual liberties goes hand-in-hand with achieving rapid growth and world-leading market influence. It’s part of the optimistic, growth-oriented mindset that makes the best companies in the world different from the rest.

Please send us a note at [email protected] if your company is considering a corporate pledge or gift and we’ll gladly work with you to make it happen.


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