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The Freedom of Form Foundation is interested in extending the accessibility of safe and customizable physical alteration to as many people as possible. Enabling true morphological freedom, to let people outwardly express their sense of identity, has the potential to improve the lives and happiness of tens of thousands of people.

We’re directly promoting and supporting research to help make this possible.



Shopping is a great way to support us! We sell a variety of merchandise through CafePress, ranging from t-shirts to coffee mugs. We even have bumper stickers and phone covers!



So, you’ve been looking at our foundation, and are wondering if you could help in some way? Great! There’s a ton of things we could use your help with, including administration, scientific advice, social media, and even art.



We have been attracting an enthusiastic base of supportive individuals, interested in our mission and wanting to help as much as possible. We’re encouraged by this, even at our early stage of operations. We’re also seeking additional pledges from potential partners who might be well-placed to help our foundation get off to a great start.



Donating is a great way to help! You can visit our PayPal Giving Fund page.

Please remember any donations you make there are to the PayPal Giving Fund for tax purposes. They’re a 501(c)(3) too!


Corporate Opportunities

Corporate giving is about more than just benevolence – it has to make sense for your company. We can work with your company in a variety of ways that will increase sales, improve employee loyalty, or help you stand out from the crowd – and ultimately grow your bottom line.