About our Discord server:

Our community is made up of people like you, who are interested in the ideals of freedom of form, and who are cautiously optimistic that with the right effort, we can solve the challenges and technical limitations to make it possible.

The members of our community are some of the nicest and most considerate people you’ll ever meet – and never cease to amaze us in ingenuity, inquisitiveness, or motivation. They include scientists and engineers, trainees and licensed practitioners, artists, advocates, technicians, legal experts, and entrepreneurs. We are driven to succeed.

At the same time, we appreciate how to have a good time. We’re comfortable with each other, and have a love-hate relationship with puns. A common undercurrent is real motivation and drive to achieve common success – and, just maybe, that’s one of the best ways to make deep, long-lasting friendships. 

We’re eager to share our community with you, but we still have a duty to safeguard the relationships people have already been making in our Discord server. Therefore, our server is invite-only and involves a brief screening process. You can go to our Twitter account, and send us a private message requesting an invite, or you can email us at [email protected]. After that, we can get you started.


Before you begin:

Rules – We want to ensure the atmosphere on this server is professional, courteous, and welcoming for all. Therefore, we ask you to review and abide by our rules.

Reasonable Accommodation – We will be very happy to provide certain reasonable accommodations for our guests or personnel. If you have a disability and need to request such an accommodation, let us know and we’ll do our best.

Pronouns – For pronoun roles, please ask a mod when joining the server! We’re very happy to give you one that reflects your identity.

We hope you enjoy your time here. When you join, please say hi in the #introduce-yourself channel, and help us get to know you.


Channels in the server:

? Getting started

Brief description of our organization and the server.

Please feel free to ask for clarification about rules from any moderator.

Links including our website, wiki, social media, and Patreon page.

Important announcements, especially upcoming events hosted by our organization.

Post here to ask wiki admins to help you set up an account on our wiki.

Ask moderators to give you pronoun roles that fit your identity.


? Take Action

Make sure you’re an actual person!

For all discussions about freedom of form.

Original art please! It can be by you or other people. No memes!

For making promotional or educational videos.

Organizing and recommending features for https://wiki.freedomofform.org/ 

general voice


☕ Casual

For FFF-interested people to talk generally.

New games, play games with others, show off your creations in Eco/Minecraft/KSP/etc!

off topic voice
Talk about pretty much anything in voice, play your acoustic guitar, or talk as a squad in a game.


? Technical Discussions

Scientific discussions are very welcome. However, please keep in mind Discord isn’t the best for organizing information longer-term. If you think that important information has been discussed please add that to our Wiki! That will help everyone in our community a ton – it’s beneficial to far more than just our nonprofit.

Learn and ask questions about muscles, bones, and neural anatomy, as well as metabolism, biomechanics, and other quantitative things. 

New developments in anatomy and physiology. Was a new model of metabolism or biomechanics released? Was a new nerve or other anatomical part discovered?

Have ideas on how to make tails work? Want to speculate on the metabolic requirements of flight? Give it a go here!

Discuss basics in disciplines like biology, mechanical engineering, and physics, and learn about methods and tools used by the pros.

Recent discoveries or developments. Was a new cell-cell signaling mechanism discovered? Was a better quantitative model of fluid dynamics released? Talk about it here!

Feel free to be a bit more speculative here. Think a model could be re-used in a new way to benefit morphological freedom? Have an idea for a new experiment you could run? Let us know here!


✨ Social Considerations

‘Soft’ aspects important to freedom of form, that are critical to how we will ultimately measure success – allowing as many people as possible to be happy and free in their forms.

Discussion of social aspects of modifying the body, social transition, society’s reactions to modifications, etc.

How to make life work with fluffy tails and pudgy paws.

Ensuring TFs are as financially accessible as possible, to as many people as possible.