Discord server rules

We want to ensure the atmosphere on this server is professional, courteous, lively, and welcoming. We are happy for you to connect personally with others involved with our organization. We all have high ambitions – so please help us maintain decorum and stay focused!

Moderators have broad authority and will use their best judgement when the need arises. If in doubt, follow the spirit of these rules, and always feel free to ask the @Moderation Team for clarification.

Please note that at this time, we can only invite adults 18 and over. This helps us maintain a professional atmosphere and simplifies our compliance needs.


  1. This is for liability reasons and to ensure the safety of all participants in this server.
  2. This includes a policy for harassment
    • Warnings may be issued for up to first three transgressions, coupled with appropriate moderator action if necessary, depending on severity.
    • Questionable behavior will be handled on a case by case basis
    • Moderators will take appropriate actions based on the findings of any investigations, up to and including kicking or banning from the server
    • If you encounter any inappropriate behaviour, report it to a moderator immediately.
  1. Discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran’s status, disability status, marriage status, age, religion, retirement status, and discrimination against other classes protected under our Bylaws and/or US law is prohibited
  2. We also prohibit discrimination based on species identity, or on spiritual beliefs.
  1. This is for the protection of participants’ identities and to prevent harassment in person or on-premises.
  1. As a quick test, just think: Would the content belong in a textbook or an academic conversation with a medical student or scientist? If so, it’s probably fine to bring up.
  1. Constructive criticism is welcome, but hostility is not.
    1. Attack the argument, not the person arguing.
  2. Unnecessary hostility will not be tolerated, including both openly hostile interactions and passive-aggressive attitudes.
  3. Slander of someone’s reputation will not be tolerated. Unless there is hard evidence to back the claims up, it be considered as slander and dealt with as such.
  4. Refrain from excessive cursing.
    1. Racist and sexist slurs will not be tolerated
    2. Curse words and some crude language will be allowed if not used excessively
  1. We expect you to have done your due diligence in validating any claims that you may have made.
    1. Do not mislead or misrepresent any matters you might address
    2. If you are uncomfortable with the discussion, politely withdraw from the conversation or move it to private message
  2. Established scientific consensus may be enforced by moderators.
    1. For example, we may enforce the factual broad usefulness of vaccines, the occurrence of climate change, the approximately spherical nature of planets such as Earth, and the impotence of homoeopathy beyond placebo use.
    2. Moderators are not obligated to explain their rationale for enforcing scientific consensus through moderator actions.
  1. The FFF is not a replacement for any physical or mental treatment. Please consult a certified and licensed doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist if needed.
  2. Hypnosis or Lucid Dreaming: We do not permit discussing attempts or instructions on hypnosis or lucid dreaming. While other communities exist that address those topics, such as Furmorphed, the Freedom of Form Foundation does not endorse any such resources.
  3. No advocating for/against drugs, for/against medical devices, nor for/against medical procedures, for personal use – whether legal or illegal :
    1. Advocating the use of drugs, devices, or procedures, for medicinal or recreational use, is not allowed, whether or not the drug, medical device, or procedure is legal/FDA-approved.
    2. However, the discussion of drugs, medical devices, or procedures in the context of research and speculation on their impacts in the field of morphological freedom is permitted, if treated clinically.
  4. Meditation, exercise, etc tips: While we appreciate the general usefulness of meditation or exercise, we nevertheless do not endorse discussion on specific tips for these activities. This is because health needs vary individual to individual. We recommend anyone planning to start a routine consult their physician.
  1. Do not undermine the authority of the moderators and admins by questioning their ability in the server at large. Bring it to PMs and bring it up with another moderator and/or admin.
  2. You are free to appeal the decision made with another member of the moderation team or to escalate the matter with an impartial party from management.
  1. We often find political discussions can become either circular, or get everyone angry without being able to do anything about it. This is not productive for our community.
  2. We are also heavily restricted by the sorts of activities we can do under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as other regulations that apply to organizations categorized under that Section.
  1. For example, activities that may occur on other servers, or via private messages, or communication methods outside Discord, that become known to us through legitimate means such as user reports by those actually affected, can be within our scope if we believe those activities are relevant to the health of our community.
  2. Actions may include moderation actions, cooperating as appropriate with Discord, or cooperating as appropriate with law enforcement.