Broad, global interest:

We have been attracting an enthusiastic base of supportive individuals, interested in our mission and wanting to help as much as possible. We’re encouraged by this, even at our early stage of operations.

Actually, this fits our expectations! A psychology study by Gerbasi et al (2008) found that nearly half of respondents responded affirmatively to the question “Do you consider yourself to be less than 100% human?”. Similarly, nearly half answered ‘yes’ to the question “If you could become 0% human, would you?”. (But see a critique of Gerbasi’s conclusions on those results by Probyn-Rapsey, 2011) The population sampled was of attendees of a furry convention, representing a community of tens of thousands of people worldwide. These results suggest that morphological freedom research is likely to attract significant positive interest, and our ongoing experiences align with this.

We’ve also been in direct discussions with prominent, leading bioethicists, who have been encouraging and supportive of our aims. We won’t name them here, because we haven’t yet asked them if it would be okay to mention them. But you would recognize their names. 🙂


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