So, you’ve been looking at our foundation, and are wondering if you could help in some way? Great! You’ll be joining a rapidly growing group of volunteers to help us on our mission – all over the world!


Get the word out!

The most important thing you can do right now is talk! Share a link to your friends, or make a post on your favorite website. Even talking about our aims of morphological freedom will help bring our goals closer to reality.


Internal volunteering opportunities:

We’re looking for volunteers willing to stick with us for the long-haul to fill a few central, ongoing functions. Since we’re still small, this shouldn’t be too burdensome if you have some free time. As we grow, and responsibilities increase, there will be the possibility that additional positions become paid (we have 1 employee already). And keep in mind, volunteering looks great on your CV or resume!


Volunteer Position – Accessibility Assistant

A large portion of the world’s population, including many people within our community, have disabilities. Disabilities include physical, mental, visual, and auditory, just to name a few. We want to be as accommodating for these people as possible.




Thanks in advance – we look forward to hearing from you!