We’re working hard to bring together knowledge relevant to freedom of form from a wide diversity of experts, and just as importantly, start to figure out the broader impacts that we could expect.

Tune in to hear what Anders Sandberg, Hugh Herr,  Master Tailer, Liz Parrish, Max More, and other thought leaders have to say; check out some of our seminars and panels to get exposed to new technical concepts; and give our podcasts a listen for thought-provoking exploration of topics ranging from near-future technology to further-afield discussions of how freedom of form might be instrumental in space exploration.

Meanwhile, our newsletters can give you some interesting, behind-the-scenes discussion about many of the activities our organization is up to. Newsletters frequently touch on research and outreach content, and start to tie those activities back to the big picture. Newsletters also give you other info, such as introductions for new volunteers, and general business activities, so you can get a peek into the reasoning and motivations of the people making up our team.

Monthly updates about what we’ve been up to recently!

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