The Freedom of Form Foundation is interested in extending the accessibility of safe and customizable physical alteration to as many people as possible. Enabling true morphological freedom, to let people outwardly express their sense of identity, has the potential to improve the lives and happiness of tens of thousands of people.

We’re directly promoting and supporting research to help make this possible.

We are now offering grants to accelerate projects that are already underway. For example, if you are writing an academic article with a clear path to publishing, or need to get a few more components for a DIY project with relevance to our mission, we would be happy to help you get over the threshold and help you succeed. Please look at the grant offer and consider applying!

Ongoing projects, and publications that have resulted from research we supported or conducted.

What’s in a transformation, anyway? Here, we break down some of our goals into anatomical targets. This isn’t some insurmountable monolith – we can all focus on solving one challenge at a time. We also invite you to read our in-depth white paper on this (PDF) for more detail.

Transformations will be challenging! But we see several promising technologies that, with a bit more work, should do the trick. Please take a look at our brief analysis of a few different thrusts of research. We also have a more in-depth white paper (PDF) for those interested. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Freedom of Form Foundation is, first and foremost, interested in advancing rights, ethics, and respect for individual choice. That includes a responsibility for rights and ethics during the research process itself. We are proactive in protecting the rights of research subjects, and will not fund primate studies. We also encourage researchers to open and share their data as much as possible. Please take a look at our integrated policies for responsible research.