Pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship applications – a preview of our process:

We will soon be accepting applications for research fellowship grants, depending on how fundraising goes. We’re aiming for some time in 2019.

We expect you will find our award levels to be quite competitive, and the application process straight-forward.

Awards will be:
Pre-doctoral (BS, MS, etc) – $36,000 per year for up to 4 years.
Post-doctoral (PhD) – $48,000 per year for up to 4 years.
(2018 USD, pegged to inflation)

Awards will be routed through your home institution.

Ideal candidates will demonstrate: (1) a promising career trajectory, and interest in continuing in morphological freedom research, whether it is academic or industrial; and (2) an interesting research project which may lead to technologies or platforms that support morphological freedom.

Research projects are encouraged, but not required, to address one of our areas of interest. We know our goals will take time and are beyond the scope of any single funding application. Rather, we want to see that applicants are enthusiastic about a long-term career in morphological freedom research, and that they have a reasonably convincing outline of how their current research proposal will benefit our objectives. For an overview of how we see this puzzle coming together, you can look at our proposed research frameworks. Have an even better idea? Try us – we might fund it!

Keep in mind the grant reviewers at the FFF are experienced scientists. We will only consider credible applications from individuals with appropriate degrees in higher education, and who are working at a qualified research institution.

Funded proposals will be awarded for up to 4 years, with brief annual progress reports.

Instructions can be downloaded here: Application instructions (PDF)
And please be sure to answer these questions for your application: DOCX / ODT.

Completed applications and letters of recommendation can be sent to [email protected].

The FFF is committed to financial stability. If we commit to funding your project, it’s an indication we have cash-on-hand sufficient to cover the project without any assumptions for ongoing or future fundraising.


Other grants and statements of interest:

As the Freedom of Form Foundation grows, we plan to offer fellowship grants for medical residents, as well as routine R01-scale grants, in the future. That said, if you are a medical resident or principal investigator, and are interested in pursuing funding immediately, please send us a statement of interest. We’ll do our best to accomodate you, and might even launch an additional funding campaign on your behalf. The right research project can be quite galvanizing for fundraising success!

Please send statements of interest to [email protected].