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Project – Enhanced tail

This project’s goal is to engineer a cybernetic tail that feels completely natural to wear and control. This arose as an opportunity after Master Tailer from The Tail Company reached out to the Freedom of Form Foundation, asking about whether a collaboration might be an option to explore improving several aspects of tail technology.

In the short term, we aim to analyze muscle groups and explore equipment capabilities. We’ll be exploring equipment sensitivity to a user’s conscious movement with electromyography (electrodes placed above muscles), and working to understand and eliminate background noise.

In the coming months and years, the techniques and signal processing software we develop will make their way into increasingly convincing and immersive tails and other prosthetics. Furthermore, we expect portions of this software may eventually be useful in permanently attached neuroprosthetics.






Project Manager, Enhanced Tail Project



Bleddyn, PhD

Team Lead, Enhanced Tail Project

Syralth / Keiran Stevenson, PhD

Scientific Director

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