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Project – 3D Anatomy CAD tool

For a full transformation, many tissue types will need to be changed. This includes bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, the integument, and many others. To ensure that engineering of those tissues can proceed in a satisfactory and safe way, we need a Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool that allows bioengineers and artists to design and view body alterations. This system should give researchers and engineers the artistic freedom to change the shapes of bones, muscles, and other tissues while maintaining their physiological functions.

Present-day CAD tools tend to focus on industrial applications, such as the design of vehicles, machinery, or other non-organic objects. A few CAD tools focus on implants and prosthetics, but these do not provide fully extensible and parameterized modeling of anatomical systems.

Such modeling is critical for our needs, as are a few other requirements we have identified. Therefore, we are developing a novel tool for this purpose. We expect that this program will provide artists and bioengineers an important tool in their toolkit, so that they can flexibly define the outcome of a biologically viable transformation. Many other challenges will still exist, but will be covered in other projects.



SiberDrac / Will Towler, PhD



Researcher & Team Lead, 3D Anatomy Project

Athamanatha / Dan Davies

Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Zennith / Michael Norsworthy, PhD

President & Chief Volunteer Officer

Gear / Michael Showman


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