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Project – Anatomy Bioengineering Toolkit

The sheer complexity of a transformation makes it infeasible to design thorough body alterations by hand, while guaranteeing patient safety and desired aesthetics. Even so, no tool exists to safely engineer custom body plans or drastic cosmetic surgeries. To bridge the gap, we are designing a Computer Aided Design tool that allows bioengineers and artists to design safe and physiologically accurate changes to patient anatomy, before surgery or genetic treatments take place.

This project is an essential step within our pipeline to engineer a full transformation procedure. Without it, it is infeasible to guarantee safety and efficacy of any transformational outcome. Our application will lay the groundwork for safe and scalable design of anatomical plans, and is expected to benefit both present-day cosmetic changes as well as advanced changes that go beyond human anatomy. We expect that we will use this tool in many future projects, both for designing novel treatments and for pushing the bounds of cosmetic changes.

Although we are currently stress-testing our system on the elbow joint, we will soon be able to move towards more exciting anatomical regions, such as the face and tail. Stay tuned for progress!


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