Project – Enhanced tail

Project - Enhanced tail This project's goal is to engineer a cybernetic tail that feels completely natural to wear and control. This arose as an [...]


Technical roadmap v01

Technical Roadmap v1 (early access) Technical Roadmap documentation This documentation is intended to form the core of our long-term technical roadmap, and is the [...]


Anatomical Studies

Anatomical studies: how can you transform into your fursona? Becoming your fursona or species identity requires drastic anatomical changes. We have a few broad ideas [...]


Technologies for body transformations

Technologies for body transformations A full-body transformation into your desired form will necessarily be complex. We have some ideas that may help guide where [...]


Responsible research

Responsible research The Freedom of Form Foundation is, first and foremost, interested in advancing rights and ethics. Research that advances rights of the individual to [...]



Research At the Freedom of Form Foundation, we embrace the broad diversity of identities that people hold. We are especially passionate about research into making [...]

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