Maybe you just want the ability to express yourself, through changing your physical appearance, and tattoos just aren’t what you have in mind. Perhaps you have unpleasant feelings of dysphoria that you’re hoping to address, or maybe you feel that your identity is something other than human.

You’re looking for something – something that can be described as a transition, alteration, augmentation, or transformation.

We’ve been encouraged by recent scientific progress in prosthetics, neural interfaces, gene therapy, stem cells, and other breakthroughs in medicine. These are showing great promise and success in improving the lives of patients with incapacitating and chronic diseases, disorders, and disabilities. While funding for these efforts provided by governments and private foundations are focused on solving diseases and disorders, we think the technology has revolutionary applications beyond healing and restoration.

The Freedom of Form Foundation (FFF) has already seen interest from several scientists and engineers who are interested in directly researching how to achieve morphological freedom. However, these scientists are often bound in their work by the pressure of applying for, and renewing, research grants from more conservative funding sources.

Therefore, we are working to fund and popularize scientific research that will enable freedom of one’s physical form. We directly support the full-time work of the most promising scientists. We will demonstrate that it is viable, and even appreciated for scientists to research these topics. We will encourage more outward and open discussion of self-modification. We will engage more broadly with other organizations, universities, and for-profit companies to guarantee formation of a stable, self-sustaining research enterprise.

With the rapid advancement of bioscience, and the increasing attention of both advocates and skeptics towards biotechnology, this is our best chance to help guide the future of biological research for the foreseeable future.

Together, we can make the phrase “be what you want to be” a reality.