Vision and strategy

Freedom of form encapsulates how you want to interact with the world as a person. This includes everything from sufficiently restoring function to patients after injury, to gender and/or species identity affirmation treatments, to individuals who get tattoos or body art, to getting a haircut and putting on makeup, to body hackers pushing beyond normal biological function. The FFF is especially committed to working towards ambitious, full-body changes that embrace appearances of other species, because despite community interest surrounding the subject, it is vastly underrepresented in the biomedical sector. While some of the above qualities are viewed as fringe or matters of debate, we believe they should not. We stand wholeheartedly with the rights of individuals to choose how they interact with the world, including how they appear, and pledge to do everything in our power to accommodate and accelerate freedom of form.

We have been inspired by recent scientific progress in prosthetics, neural interfaces, gene therapy, stem cells, surgical methods, and other medicinal breakthroughs. These developments show great promise and success in improving the lives of patients with incapacitating and chronic diseases, disorders, and disabilities. While funding for these efforts provided by governments and private foundations are focused on solving diseases and disorders, we believe this technology has revolutionary applications even beyond healing and restoration.

To accomplish this vision, a multitude of scientific, social, and legal challenges must be overcome. To do so is the ultimate mission of the FFF.

Our strategy predominantly consists of research, outreach, education, and community building.

Our research thus far has been mostly technical, and we have been working to further both internal and external research. We also remain attentive to social and legal considerations. For all scenarios, our focus is on building systems and translatable knowledge. We are acutely aware of the degree of challenges, and are steadily building platforms and structuring knowledge to gradually overcome them. One-off studies that are unlikely to stand the test of time are generally not a productive use of resources. You can view our research here ->

Our outreach activities have focused on meeting and engaging with qualified individuals and organizations, learning from them, and introducing them to our organization and mission. We’ve held several panels at events such as Anthro New England and Indy Fur Con. Additionally, we’ve met with numerous experts including Anders Sandberg, Hugh Herr, Liz Parrish, Max More, and Master Tailer of the Tail Company to get their insights. Interviews can be found on our media page ->

Educational work the foundation has done includes hosting informative seminars, such as an interactive lecture we hosted with Devin Proctor, as well as some seminars on introductory biology. In addition, we’re hosting an official FFF podcast, where we talk through timely issues and explore them in a small discussion format. Our seminars and podcasts can also be viewed on our media page ->

For community building, we’re motivated to help people cross paths in a genuine and supportive environment, no matter what their field of expertise is. We’re empowering everyone to excel and make their own positive impact on the world. From Twitter to Discord, we are proud of our steadily growing, mature community. Whatever your experience, we celebrate the ability of everyone to make an impact one small step at a time. Learn about how you can join our community on Discord ->

With the ever-advancing field of bioscience and the increasing attention of both advocates and skeptics towards biotechnology, the Freedom of Form Foundation is uniquely equipped to help guide the future of biological research toward a previously unimaginable level of self-expression.

Together, we can make the phrase “be what you want to be” a reality.